For various reasons, Kelly has been slowing the eff down since 2021. In this never-before-felt state of embodied stillness, Kelly has come to understand that reclaiming this natural status and pace of living is a sizable step toward personal liberation. And personal liberation is the real first step toward collective liberation, otherwise known as Freedom.

This made-by-Kelly site invites visitors (i.e., the very lovely you!) to join her slower approach to living. You may notice the photography page offers no scrolling or advancing mechanism with a painstakingly slow auto-play carousel. This was intentionally designed this way.

Feel the discomfort. Feel the eagerness. Feel the juicy well of emotional potentials to skip forward to subsequent image(s) and keep moving in your hyper-speed viewing journey. Sit in this discomfort, take a deep belly breath, and commune with Kelly (in spirit, that is), as you view her images in the way she intended: fit for humans.

In her opinion, this digital experience is kinder to humans as compared with the now-expected social media rapid pace viewing for mass consumption which incites deluge-sized dopamine hits to the brain and promotes disembodiment.

Bottom line: Kelly wants you to feel more embodied; feel, in your body.

P.S. If you appreciate Kelly’s digital philosophy and have a site of your own you’d like her eyes on, she is open for consulting and site builds. Kindly head over to the contact page to connect with her.  (: